WAKAI is your One-Stop-Partner

WAKAI GmbH is founded by Wakai Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japanese hardware wholeseller, in 1988.
In 90 years of history in Japan, "WAKAI" is known to be one of the most influencial fastening system suppliers in the market.
Various kinds of fastening items are produced in our own facoty in Japan.
Moreover, we have more than a hundred of suppliers in Asian countries which makes it possible for you to find out your best solution of any Fastening System.
In fact, more and more customers in EU need our production and solution.
Many users and workers on construction sites enjoy our fastening system with their high level of quality.
As your reliable One-Stop-Partner, we will find out the best solution for you!

Company Profile

【Sales Office/Warehouse】

・Sales : Dieter Fernandez (English/Spanish/German)
・Address : Brendenstrasse 24b D-32310 Enger Deutschland
・Tel : +49 (0)5224 1233
・Fax : +49 (0)5224 1244
・Email : info@wakai.de

【Registerd Office】

・Address : Mainzer Landsctraße 49 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland
・Tel : +49 (0)69 3085 5077
・Fax : +49 (0)69 3085 5100
・Email : info@wakai.de

【WAKAI in the World】

・USA/Canada (Wakai Fasteners Corporation)

・Vietnam (Wakai Vietnam)

【Head Quarters】

・Japan (Wakai Holdings Co., Ltd.)