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・Ceiling Fastening Anchor, Porenbetonnagel, Nail Plug, Nylon Pug, Gas Nail, Concrete Nail

●Connecting Technology

・Connecting Anchor, Wall Connector


・Drywall Screw Fine thread, Coarse Thread,Sel-Drilling Point, for Gypsum Board on Gypsum Board, for Gypsum Board with Holes, for Hard Gypsum Board, Pan Head, Hi-Lo Thread, Tape Collated Screw, Screw for Metal Sheet Working


・Ton-Dachziegel, SDS Hammer Bohrer


・Hammertacker, GunTacker

●Industrial Nut

・Turnut, Inpull Nut, Mecha Nut, Blind Rivet

●On Demand (OEM/ODM)

・Special Order, OEM, ODM, according to your drawing, on demand


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