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WAKAI & Co., Ltd. has been developing verious kinds of fasteners since 1940. Today we produce and distribute more than thousand articles.

WAKAI GmbH is your distributor of special fasteners for the trouble-making construction materials such as air-bricks or autoclaved aerated concrete, or for the special applications.

Our fastening systems enjoy a high reputation among building material manufactures as well as end-useres because of theirs high quality.

"Embodying the voice of the users" That is our basic policy of the development of the new products. Our goal is to produce products which will make installations easier and quicker without deteriorating the fastening quality. Then you will save time and money.

If you are happy, we are happy.

WAKAI & CO., LTD in Osaka, Japan
The Laboratory
ONODA NAIL in Onoda, Japan  

If you are U.S. or Canadian citizen, please visit the web-site for the U.S. and Canada, www.wakaifastener.com